First Impressions of Oculus Rift

At Fuse Mobile we’re a curious bunch and keen to try new things, especially a new piece of tech that feels very much like a peek into the future.


The sense of anticipation and excitement on opening the Oculus box is the same as when you started playing with your first computer or games console, even to grizzled software developers like us. Setting up Oculus VR on our Mac was a little laborious at first, putting cables together, setting screen sizes on the desktop and searching for which demos / content to start playing with. 

However it was well worth the wait. The best way to sum up the experience with the headset on and entering Oculus's virtual worlds for the first time was to repeat the most common phrase heard in the studio – WOW, then very quickly followed by a big grin from everyone trying it out for the first time.

The feeling was one of being a visitor to a strange land or if you like a modern day explorer. Once you have tried one demo / virtual world you quickly wanted to see and feel new experiences.  This to me clearly shows the potential and power of Virtual Reality and the emotional connection it creates within minutes of entering new worlds.

One of the demos we liked was Titans of Space with planets passing above, below and to the side of you, which gives you such a real sense of awe at the way this technology can present content and transport you fully into the experience. This to us amply demonstrated the huge potential for educational and travel applications, however the number of possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

With a tentative public release expected in the next 6 months and further improvements in resolution, content and sound which in our opinion will be critical to deliver an even better immersive experience. 

The Oculus VR will certainly wow the public as much as it has developers and early adopters.